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We know how important it is to stay comfortable during the summer months, but we also know that keeping your home warm in the winter can be just as important. If your HVAC equipment isn’t working as it should, this typically simple task can become a monumental challenge. That’s where we come in.
Whether you need a new furnace and air conditioner or general HVAC services, East Star HVAC team is ready to help!
Having been locally owned and operated, our priority is helping our Windsor neighbours.
We take pride in our work and strive to provide great service every step of the way.

Comprehensive HVAC Services

Our all-encompassing heating and air conditioning services cover installation, repairs, and upgrades, ensuring optimal performance and comfort in any setting.

Expert Technicians

Our team of highly skilled technicians boasts extensive expertise, guaranteeing precision and proficiency in diagnosing and resolving any heating and air conditioning issues.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduled and thorough maintenance plans designed to extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit, prevent breakdowns, and maintain peak efficiency for uninterrupted cooling comfort.


Steve at East Star HVAC Star is our go to person for all our residential and commercial HVAC needs and he never disappoints. His approach is detailed, professional, thorough and compassionate. He is honest and consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that we are pleased with his work. He also puts the client’s needs first. It’s a pleasure to work with him on big and small projects. Thank you Steve for your quality and professional service. Highly recommended

Sharmin L.


Services of East Star HVAC

Furnace Installation
Our expert technicians ensure a seamless and efficient furnace installation process, providing reliable heating solutions tailored to your home’s unique needs, maximizing energy efficiency and comfort.
Furnace Repair
Trust our skilled technicians to diagnose and resolve furnace issues promptly, offering comprehensive furnace repair services to restore optimal functionality and warmth to your home, keeping you comfortable during the colder months.
Air Conditioner Installation
Experience cool comfort with our precision air conditioner installation services, where our certified professionals install cutting-edge cooling systems to enhance your indoor climate, delivering superior performance and energy efficiency.
Air Conditioner Repair
Count on our experienced technicians to diagnose and repair your air conditioning system promptly, ensuring your home remains cool and comfortable, with our efficient and reliable air conditioner repair services.
Hot Water Heater Installation
Enjoy consistent hot water with our professional hot water heater installation services, tailored to your home’s demands, providing reliable and energy-efficient solutions for a seamless transition to a new, high-performance water heating system.
Tankless Hot Water Heaters
Upgrade to the latest in water heating technology with our tankless hot water heater installations, offering on-demand hot water supply, energy savings, and a compact design that maximizes space while delivering a continuous and efficient flow of hot water.

What to expect from East Star Hvac

Personalized Consultations
Our process kicks off with a detailed consultation, where our expert technicians assess your specific needs and preferences.
Skilled and Certified Professionals

Installing cutting-edge heating and air conditioning systems or hot water heaters, our professionals are dedicated to delivering reliable, high-performance solutions for your home.

Efficiency and Innovation

Revolutionizing comfort with cutting-edge solutions, East Star HVAC seamlessly blends efficiency and innovation to elevate your indoor experience to unprecedented levels of performance.

HVAC Maintenance?

As longtime Windsor residents, we know how harsh the weather can be in summer and winter. We also know that there’s no chance of Windsor residents enjoying these seasons if their furnace died or their AC broke. That’s why we’re here: to ensure that your cooling and heating systems work correctly and efficiently so you can stay comfortable no matter the season. We provide a wide range of HVAC maintenance plans for both residential and commercial customers, including:

  • Changing air filters on furnaces and air conditioners

  • Checking system controls for water heaters, heat systems, and more

  • Checking the thermostat settings and calibration on HVAC machines

  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components on your air conditioner and furnace

  • Inspecting and cleaning condensate drains

  • Lubricating moving parts on an existing or new system

  • Tightening electrical connections on your furnace or AC unit

We take pride in providing high-quality artistry at reasonable prices. Our team consists of experienced professionals who understand the importance of keeping our customers happy—not just because it’s a good business practice but because they live locally too! So, when you need to prepare your furnace and air conditioner for winter and summer, please call us!


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